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Hello everyone hazeleyedgirl1593 here I never blogged before so this is my first post I hope everyone is having a great new year so far what is everyone up to?

Knockout By Mia Kang Book Review #94

#Sports #Memoir #MiaKang #Knockout #Netgalley

Title: Knockout

Author: Mia Kang

Genre: Sports

Publishers: ABRAMS

Abrams Press

Publishing Date: October 20, 2020


An intimate and unflinching memoir exploring Mia Kang’s journey from self-loathing to self-love

Mia Kang is many things: a sought-after model, an immigrant, an eating disorder survivor, and a Muay Thai fighter. Her first book, Knockout, is the story of how she eschewed normative body standards and learned to use martial arts to redefine her sense of self-worth. In a charming, fierce, and intimate voice, Kang invites readers into her world. She once lived and died by her weight, but she is now defined by her confidence in being a woman who lives outside the mold of what we’re taught is “feminine.” After dealing with bullying, addiction, body dysmorphia, anxiety, depression, and even suicidal thoughts, Mia acknowledges that she is lucky to still be alive to tell readers what she’s learned: to not let anyone else dictate who you are supposed to be.

I volunteered to read this book, through netgalley in exchange, for an honest review. This book is well written. TRIGGER WARNING ⚠️ ALCOHOL ABUSE. This book talks about Mia Kang before she became a model. The pacing of this book is good. I hope she writes more books because they keep your attention from the first page. This book is in stores now for $26.00 (USD). I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone. It is a good memoir. You guys should read this book.

Love Your Life By Sophie Kinsella Book Review #95

#Romance #LoveYourLife #SophieKinsella #Netgalley #Arc

Title: Love Your Life

Author: Sophie Kinsella

Page Count: 432

Genre: Romance | Women’s Fiction

Publishers: Random House Publishing Group

The Dial Press

Publishing Date: October 27, 2020


From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of I Owe You One, an utterly delightful novel about a woman who ditches her dating app for a writer’s retreat in Italy—only to find that real love comes with its own filters

“As close to perfect as romantic comedies get.”—Jenny Colgan, New York Times bestselling author of The Bookshop on the Corner

Call Ava romantic, but she thinks love should be found in the real world, not on apps that filter men by height, job, or astrological sign. She believes in feelings, not algorithms. So after a recent breakup and dating app debacle, she decides to put love on hold and escapes to a remote writers’ retreat in coastal Italy. She’s determined to finish writing the novel she’s been fantasizing about, even though it means leaving her close-knit group of friends and her precious dog, Harold, behind.

At the retreat, she’s not allowed to use her real name or reveal any personal information. When the neighboring martial arts retreat is canceled and a few of its attendees join their small writing community, Ava, now going by “Aria,” meets “Dutch,” a man who seems too good to be true. The two embark on a baggage-free, whirlwind love affair, cliff-jumping into gem-colored Mediterranean waters and exploring the splendor of the Italian coast. Things seem to be perfect for Aria and Dutch.

But then their real identities—Ava and Matt—must return to London. As their fantasy starts to fade, they discover just how different their personal worlds are. From food choices to annoying habits to sauna etiquette . . . are they compatible in anything? And then there’s the prickly situation with Matt’s ex-girlfriend, who isn’t too eager to let him go. As one mishap follows another, it seems while they love each other, they just can’t love each other’s lives. Can they reconcile their differences to find one life together?

I volunteered to read this book, through netgalley in exchange, for an honest review. This book is well written and the characters are described well. You guys Sophie Kinsella has done it again. Her writing style is so enjoyable. Her characters are really enjoyable. It set in London and in Italy. When I saw she came out with a new book, I needed to review it. This book did not disappoint. Her writing style makes, you feel like you are the characters in the book. This book will be in stores on October 27, 2020 for $28.00 (USD).

Dracula’s Child By J. S. Burns Audiobook Review #5

#Dracula’sChild #J.S.Burns #Audiobook #Netgalley #Arc

Title: Dracula’s Child

Author: J. S. Burns

Narrator: Jonathan Keeble And Emma Gregory

How long is the audiobook: 16 hrs and 43 minutes

Genre: Horror | Mystery & Thrillers

Publishers: W. F. Howes Ltd

Whole Story QUEST

Publishing Date: September 22, 2020


In Dracula’s Child, Bram Stoker’s classic vampire tale is reborn. Capturing the voice, tone and style of the original, this novel is perfect for fans of Dracula and contemporary Gothic horror.

It has been some years since Jonathan and Mina Harder survived their ordeal in Transylvania. But shadows linger long in this world of blood feud and superstition – and the older their son Quincey gets, the deeper the shadows that lengthen at the heart of the Harkers’ marriage. Jonathan has turned back to drink, Mina finds herself isolated inside the confines of her own family. Quincey himself struggles to live up to a family of such high renown. There is a darkness both within the marriage and without – for new evil is arising on the Continent and the vestiges of something forgotten long ago is finally beginning to stir.

I volunteered to listen to this audiobook through netgalley in exchange for an honest review. The narrators did a good job reading this book. The pacing of this story is good. The characters are good. It is read well by the narrators. This book is set in Transylvania. It talks about Dracula’s Child. It is a good audiobook. It is in stores now for $21.87 (GBP).

The Bad Boy And The Tomboy By Nicole Nwosu Book Review #93

#Romance #Netgalley #TheBadBoyAndTheTomBoy #NicoleNwosu #WattpadBooks

Title: The Bad Boy And The Tomboy

Author: Nicole Nwosu

Page Count: 360

Genre: Romance | Teens & YA

Publishers: Wattpad Books

Publishing Date: October 20, 2020

Book Description

Macy Anderson is a seventeen year old teenager that plays soccer, hangs with the guys, can’t stand girls-except her best friend Jasmine and doesn’t know who Sam Cahill is. But when they unexpectedly meet it goes downhill and uphill from there.

Sam Cahill is the guy that skips classes- has a British accent but can play a mean game of soccer? Not to mention his cocky attitude and magnetic charm towards all the girls but Macy doesn’t seem to fall for that. He shows his moves and Macy sees a different guy under the leather exterior. With the occasional soccer, the guys, love and heart:

Hazel is what he calls her.
Jerk is what she calls him.

“I’m not exactly a bad boy. Sure I’ve been arrested a couple of times but I’m not a bad boy. Hell, I’m not even a player, love. I’m just Sam, Sam Cahill.”

I volunteered to read this book, through netgalley in exchange, for an honest review. This book is well written and the characters are described well. The pacing of this book is great. The friendships and the relationships within this book is great. The writing style is incredible. I really enjoyed this book. I highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone. This book will be in stores on October 20th for $10.99 (USD).

The Hiding Girl By Dorian Box Book Review #91

#Thriller #Mystery #DorianBox #TheHidingGirl #Netgalley

Title: The Hiding Girl

Author: Dorian Box

Page Count: 303

Genre: Mystery & Thriller

Publishers: Friction Press

Publishing Date: June 15, 2020


Twelve-year-old Emily Calby was a good girl from a religious family in rural Georgia. She loved softball, her little sister and looking up words to get her allowance. Then two men came and murdered her family. Somehow Emily escaped. Only the killers know she survived.

On the run in a fugue, she makes an unlikely ally in a ruthless former gang member who takes her in. Overwhelmed by guilt, she persuades him to train her to kill before setting out alone on a terrifying search for justice. Nothing will stop her—not cops or creeps, not even her own splintering mind. Through it all, Emily fights to hold onto hope and the girl she once knew, kept buried deep inside.

A testament to the boundless limits of love, sacrifice and the will to survive, The Hiding Girl is the first book in the Emily Calby Series

I volunteered to read this book, through netgalley in exchange, for an honest review. This book is well written and the characters are described well. The pacing of this story is good. This is the first book in this series. TRIGGER WARNING ⚠️ RAPE. I really enjoyed Emily and Lucas’s characters. This book is good. I can’t wait to read more books by this author in the future. This book has been in stores since June 15, 2020 for $12.99 (USD).

African American Poetry: 250 Years Of Struggle And Song (LOA #333) By Kevin Young Book Review #92

#Poetry #KevinYoung #Arc #Netgalley

Title: African American Poetry: 250 Years Of Struggle And Song

Author: Kevin Young

Page Count: 1,170

Genre: Poetry

Publishers: Library Of America

Publishing Date: October 20, 2020


A literary landmark: the biggest, most ambitious anthology of Black poetry ever published, gathering 250 poets from the colonial period to the present

Only now, in the 21st century, can we fully grasp the breadth and range of African American poetry: a magnificent chorus of voices, some familiar, others recently rescued from neglect. Here, in this unprecedented anthology expertly selected by poet and scholar Kevin Young, this precious living heritage is revealed in all its power, beauty, and multiplicity. Discover, in these pages, how an enslaved person like Phillis Wheatley confronted her legal status in verse and how an antebellum activist like Frances Ellen Watkins Harper voiced her own passionate resistance to slavery. Read nuanced, provocative poetic meditations on identity and self-assertion stretching from Paul Laurence Dunbar to Amiri Baraka to Lucille Clifton and beyond. Experience the transformation of poetic modernism in the works of figures such as Langston Hughes, Fenton Johnson, and Jean Toomer. Understand the threads of poetic history–in movements such as the Harlem and Chicago Renaissances, Black Arts, Cave Canem, the Dark Room Collective–and the complex bonds of solidarity and dialogue among poets across time and place. See how these poets have celebrated their African heritage and have connected with other communities in the African Diaspora. Enjoy the varied but distinctly Black music of a tradition that draws deeply from jazz, hip hop, and the rhythms and cadences of the pulpit, the barbershop, and the street. And appreciate, in the anthology’s concluding sections, why contemporary African American poetry, amply recognized in recent National Book Awards and Poet Laureates, is flourishing as never before. Taking the measure of the tradition in a single indispensable volume, African American Poetry: 250 Years of Struggle and Song sets a new standard for a genuinely deep engagement with Black poetry and its essential expression of American genius.

I volunteered to read this book, through netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This book is well written. It gets you in the feelings. It will make you cry, smile, and laugh. The pacing of the poetry in this book is good. But most importantly it makes you think. It is beautifully written. It will be in stores on October 20th for $45.00 (USD).

Tinged By Rachel Blaufeld Book Review #90

#Romance #Tinged #RachelBlaufeld #Netgalley #Arc

Title: Tinged

Author: Rachel Blaufeld

Page Count: 205

Genre: Romance

Publishers: Rachel Blaufeld Publishing

Publishing Date: May 13, 2017


“You’re not tinged, babe. Not then, not now, not ever. I love you. And you don’t need the ocean water to cleanse you. Whatever crap you’re spewing is just that—BS. You’re perfect.”

Lynx fled the Vegas Underground for Miami, desperate to uncover certain secrets of her past when she goes rogue in a dangerous world.

Michael Anthony Wind shed his pretty-boy upbringing and family legacy for his first job as a bouncer at the Electric Tunnel. Now successful in his own right, he’s only missing his woman.

When she’s finally found, Lynx is broken, unsure if she can be put back together. Mike may be strong, but is he strong enough for the job?

Their story isn’t beautiful or safe, but it’s theirs. Two tortured souls colored by their past, looking to paint a different future.

I volunteered to read this book, through netgalley in exchange, for an honest review. This book is well written and the characters are described well. This is the first book by Rachel Blaufeld and guys I can’t believe I haven’t read any book by her yet. This is the third book in this series. You are the characters in this book the romance is steamy and sexy. The characters are good. I enjoyed how it describes Las Vegas, Nevada and Miami, Florida. This ebook is has been in stores since May 13, 2017 for $3.99 (USD). You guys should read this book it is so good.

The Raven Lady By Sharon Lynn Fisher Book Review #89

#SciFi #Fantasy #TheRavenLady #SharonLynnFisher #Netgalley #Arc

Title: The Raven Lady

Author: Sharon Lynn Fisher

Page Count: 320

Genre: HistoricalFiction|Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Publishers: Blackstone Publishing

Publishing Date: October 13, 2020


The fairy court is restored. Who will win the game of crowns?

In the aftermath of Ireland’s battle with her ancient enemies, Queen Isolde orders her cousin, smuggler Duncan O’Malley, to assume the throne of fairy as King Finvara. He’s a fish out of water when it comes to nurturing the alliance between Ireland’s mortal and fairy peoples. And the queen wants him to wed the daughter of Ireland’s enemy, the king of Icelandic shadow elves, to help keep the peace. But the Irish think of the elves as goblins, and Finvara refuses. 

Elven princess Koli, affronted by the king’s rejection—along with his decision to bring her to court as little more than a captive—vows vengeance. Shortly after her arrival, she uncovers a plot that would bring swift satisfaction. A dark and powerful fairy lord, Far Dorocha, wants to take Finvara’s crown and lead both the fairy and elven people to war against the Irish. And he wants Koli to help him.

It’s the perfect setup for revenge, but Koli soon discovers that Finvara’s not the haughty lord she believed him to be. And as she navigates treacherous waters inside the court, she gets glimpses of the magic and passion that have been slumbering inside her. She must choose a side in the new battle for Ireland—will it be the fearsome father she has served for nearly a century, or the fairy king who has helped awaken her to herself?

I volunteered to read this book, through netgalley in exchange, for an honest review. This book is well written and the characters are described well. This is the second book in The Faery Rehistory series. I would recommend reading the first book in this series to get to know the characters better. But overall the characters are enjoyable. The layout is great. The pacing of this story is good. I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone. This book will be in stores on October 13th for $15.99 (USD).

Swamp Thing: Twin Branches By Maggie Stiefvater Book Review #88

#Arc #Netgalley #GraphicNovel


Title: Swamp Thing: Twin Branches

Author: Maggie Stiefvater

Illustrator: Morgan Beem

Page Count: 208

Genre: Teens & YA

Publishers: DC Entertainment

DC Comics

Publishing Date: October 13, 2020

Book Description


#1 New York Times bestselling author Maggie Stiefvater (the Raven Cycle series) and artist Morgan Beem unearth the primal power of memory and how it twists the bond between two brothers.

Twins Alec and Walker Holland have a reputation around town. One is quiet and the other is the life of any party, but the two are inseparable. For their last summer before college, Alec and Walker leave the city to live with their rural cousins, where they find that the swamp holds far darker depths than they could have imagined.

While Walker carves their names into the new social scene, Alec recedes into a summer-school laboratory, slowly losing himself to a deep, dark experiment. This season, both brothers must confront truths, ancient and familial, and as their lives diverge, tensions increase and dormant memories claw to the surface.

Swamp Thing: Twin Branches is a story of shadows, both literal and imagined–and those that take form and haunt us.

I volunteered to read this book, through netgalley in exchange, for an honest review. This book is well written and the characters are described well. You guys, Maggie Stiefvater has did it again. Her writing style is incredible. I enjoyed her books. Morgan Beem is a excellent illustrator. I can’t wait to see more of her art. I was excited when I saw she was coming out with a graphic novel. This book definitely did not disappoint. I definitely recommend this book to anyone and everyone. This book is about two brothers named Alec and Walker.

Vagina Problems: Endometriosis, Painful Sex, And Other Taboo Topics By Lara Parker Book Review #87

#VaginaProblems #LaraParker #Netgalley #WomansHealth

Title: Vagina Problems

Author: Lara Parker

Page Count: 240

Genre: Biographies & Memoirs | Health Mind & Body

Publishers: St. Martin’s Press

St. Martin’s Griffin

Publishing Date: October 6, 2020


With unflinching honesty, Lara Parker, the Deputy Director for BuzzFeed, shares her day-to-day challenges of living, working, and loving with chronic pain caused by endometriosis in this raw, darkly humorous, and hopeful memoir.

I wasn’t ready to be completely honest about my vagina yet, and the world wasn’t ready for that either. But I was getting there. I wanted the world to know that all of this pain I had been feeling…that it was related to my vagina. Thus, Vagina Problems was born. It was a cutesy name. It was my way of taking this pain and saying, “Whatever. I’m here. I have it. It sucks. Let’s talk about it.”

In April 2014, Deputy Editorial Director at BuzzFeed Lara Parker opened up to the world in an article on the website: she suffers from endometriosis. And beyond that? She let the whole world know that she wasn’t having any sex, as sex was excruciatingly painful. Less than a year before, she received not only the diagnosis of endometriosis, but also a diagnosis of pelvic floor dysfunction, vulvodynia, vaginismus, and vulvar vestibulitis. Combined, these debilitating conditions have wreaked havoc on her life, causing excruciating pain throughout her body since she was fourteen years old. These are her Vagina Problems.

It was five years before Lara learned what was happening to her body. Five years of doctors insisting she just had “bad period cramps,” or implying her pain was psychological. Shamed and stigmatized, Lara fought back against a medical community biased against women and discovered that the ignorance of many doctors about women’s anatomy was damaging more than just her own life. One in ten women have endometriosis and it takes an average of seven years before they receive an accurate diagnosis—or any relief from this incurable illness’ chronic pain.

With candid revelations about her vaginal physical therapy, dating as a straight woman without penetrative sex, coping with painful seizures while at the office, diet and wardrobe malfunctions when your vagina hurts all the time, and the depression and anxiety of feeling unloved, Lara tackles it all in Vagina Problems: Endometriosis, Painful Sex, and Other Taboo Topics with courage, wit, love, and a determination to live her best life.

I volunteered to read this book, through netgalley in exchange, for an honest review. This book is well written. It was my first time reading a book about Endometriosis. This book tells you how everyone who is experiencing Endometriosis is taking care of themselves day to day. I recommend reading this book to anyone and everyone. This book explains it well. This book will be in stores for $16.99 on October 6.